Power Quadrant System Review – My Experience With This Program

Hello, I am Sarah, and in this website, I am going to share my in-depth review along with my experience with a program called Power Quadrant System.

Believe it or not, but your DNA says a lot about you… It may sound shocking to you, but this is THE TRUTH OF THIS UNIVERSE

You may don’t know, but there was a calendar that helped ancients to find out what they destined to do and who is married to who.

Ancient CalendarMay it seems bullshit? But it is not…

Ric’s Power Quadrant System is a unique program that you never come across before. It is different from all the other programs I tried before. This is why I am creating this review.

This system highlights your true aspiration and helps in finding the correct life path that made for you.

As you read this Power Quadrant System review, you will find out how this system helped me to get out from the career that was not for me in the first place.

Who Am I? And How I Discovered Power Quadrant System?

I am Sarah, 32 years old teaching chemistry to eighth-grade students in Nashville.

I am generally skeptical about spiritual topics – a firm non-believer from a get-go. A prejudiced without any proof of it’s NOT working.

A few years back, my life got stuck up to a fork. I don’t know where my life was heading. Should I continue living the way I am living in a local store with my then boyfriend? Or should I take some a hard decisions in pursuit of happiness? Begin a risk-averse; I was not sure if I can handle the pain (however temporally)?

Finally sitting at the ice cream parlor, I bumped into an old friend from the college course I had taken before. I don’t remember what we talked about because my eyes stuck to her face. The face of this lady is looking like a radiant – it is like sun shone for her only. I never thought seeing any person like her. I remember back in college days she was never looking as attractive as she was looking now and not happy as well. I move foward to ask her about this change. While narrating her story, she mentioned “The Power Quadrant System.”

What Is Include In This System?

When you get access to this system, you will get 53 minutes of audio tracks that are divide into:

  • Career
  • Work
  • Interests
  • Spouse’s Code

Along with these audio tracks, you will also get two books that are:

  • Action Blueprint
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

And finally, you will get free access to a VIP club that contains interviews of some of the most inspiring persons in the world. The name of this club is:

  • Club Test Drive For Real Life Legends

What Is The Power Quadrant System All About?

Power Quadrant SystemRic and Liz designed this step-by-step program to help you identify the natural purpose of your life. This is a 53-minute audio program that helps you to identify special codes which can help you in making the smartest decision in your life.

These audio tracks designed in such a way that they uplift your thinking process. It helps you to transform your life in much better than ever before. It teaches how you can use these special codes to get into the true direction in the life you have.

The main objective of this program is to highlight the Gregorian Calendar – that we and all of the world is using, is actually unnatural to the order of the universe – moon in particular.

According to Ric and Liz, the secret to happiness, love, and success hidden inside ancient Mayan calendar that has been used for thousands of years in South American and other countries to unlock the hidden power of DNA.

The days and months of the Mayan Calendar can be used to harness the deepest urges that help in achieving success. This day and month system answers:

  • Whether or not your career is the type of work you are destined to perform best
  • Who can be your true love?
  • The root causes of any conflict in your life – internally and externally
  • Which personality-type people you must avoid?
  • What would be the genetic predisposition in your children or your future children?

Who Are The Creator Of This Program?

Ric and LizIt is important to know the about the author who has created this program before you buy it.

Ric and Liz are a couple who created this program. They discovered this Mayan Calendar that helped them to overcome the unfortunate situation in their life. They used the knowledge from this calendar to recover their company which was going through a bad phrase.

The financial situation of their company was affecting their inner peace. They were losing hope until they use Mayan Calendar to discover Liz was not doing work according to her type.

They followed the calendar and did what was right for them, and it changed everything.

They came to know about this calendar from an old lady who told them the story about a stone that discovered in 1600. The Mayan Calendar was carved in it. This calendar used by ancient civilizations to live a happy life.

Liz and Ric have done ten years of research, and they tested these codes on people, they noticed things are working for them. To spread these codes to all over the world, they decided to create Power Quadrant System audio tracks which are now available for $7 only. Ric and Liz are running a successful business, and they keep the price low at this level because they want everyone to get benefit from them.

In-Depth Review of Four Audio Tracks:

Power Quadrant System audio tracksAs I already mentioned above, you will get four audio tracks in Power Quadrant System. Now, let’s take a look at these four audio tracks and find out how they help you:


Do you ever feel you are stuck in the career that you never dream about? Are you tired of changing your career from one to another without finding any meaningful success?

This audio track created to help you in finding the right career according to your strength. After hearing this audio track, you will discover your strengths and weakness.

This audio track shed light on how to choose the right path to achieve the best career.


Do you know the purpose of your life? Many people don’t know the purpose of their life and they end up doing work that they are not meant to.

If you examine the life of self-made millionaires, you will find they work that they are passionate about. Until you will realize your life purpose, you cannot successfully achieve something outstanding in your life.


Do you know what you like in your life? Do you know which people will like you and which one will not? The problem is, most people start liking something that their friends, relative or family members like.

It is important to understand everyone is different. You have to listen to your inner self to understand what you like and what you don’t.

This audio track will help you in understanding your interest particularly your likes and dislikes. Further, it will help you in improving your conversation with people by understanding which people will like you and which one will not.

Spouse Code:

Problems come in the relationship because of misunderstandings. Men usually fall in love with what they see rather than what they love. However, the foundation of any strong relationship is understanding your partner.

This audio track will help you in cracking spouse code that helps in building a stronger and long-lasting relationship. By decoding your spouse code you will understand your spouse deeply that will prevent and solve any problem.

My Experience With Power Quadrant System:

Secret Ancient CodeTruly speaking, before I had this program, my life was a complete HELL with lots of stress in it. I first select medical as my profession, but later I didn’t like it and ended up working for a man who had some serious anger issues.

I left my parents for my then boyfriend but start living with him in a liquor store dealing with drunk people every day.

My life was empty; I can’t be able to decide what is right for me and what is not.

Life changed when…

I ordered this program and listened to its audio tracks. After listening to these audio tracks, I discover I was not doing what I was destined to do. Thankfully, with the help of this system, I back to my parents and found the right path in my life.

I stay a few days off from my work, visit a new place to regroup my thoughts and understand what I like to do in my life

After using codes I learned from this program, I feel I am now in the right direction where I supposed to be. I wish I found this program earlier in my life so that I don’t have to go through such stressful events.

If you are unhappy with your life or want to live a stress-free life, then I suggest you try Power Quadrant System by Ric and Liz. This program will help you to get into your destiny with little efforts. This is an incredible motivational program that must be in your Smartphone as a go-to solution whenever you need motivation in your life.

You can watch a video review on this product below: